Are Virtual Dates Back?

Finding love has become increasingly difficult – especially during a time when new variants and state restrictions are sounding the alarm once again.

With new cases mounting up daily, how will this affect the average single?

We’ve created a Singles Breakdown (guide) of what can be expected in the months ahead:

1) Fewer meetups, more virtual – meeting in person is a love language within itself. With more cases every day, singles are prioritizing virtual calls before meeting up in real life.

2) Be upfront with your match – an increasing amount of users are showing hesitation against users who are unvaccinated. Users not only want to protect themselves but also friends and loved ones. It’s time to be cautious and conscious about how you date. It’s important to be upfront about standards, safety, and limitations.

3) Addressing your mental state – in the past 18 months, many of us feel more isolated than ever. And that is OK! Tell your match things you did to stay occupied, a trip you’ve taken, or a new hobby you picked up. The truth is: we are all experiencing eerily similar thoughts. Share your stories and listen to theirs – it may just change your perspective on things or give you the clues you didn’t know about your match.

4) Monthly testing – a conscious decision to make for yourself and loved ones. By getting tested, you’re staying ahead of the curve and can even play into your favor to meet in person! It can also be a great way to bond with a match – that way you stay true to your values while remaining healthy.

5) State your values – having values that align is important in any relationship. But during a pandemic, values can be a huge disconnect. Talking about your comfort level and barrier zone is always healthy. Communicate where you stand with your matches so nothing feels “left unsaid.”

6) To mask or not to mask – being vulnerable is not always a bad thing. If you’re meeting someone new, it goes without saying (though we will say it anyway) – wear a mask. You may think it’s a cringe move, but in reality – where was your match the past week? Where were they the past month? It’s always best to play it safe. Listen to your inner voice.

7) Shoot your shot – continue being an active online single. Don’t go offline because the world is in limbo. Whether it’s virtually or in-person, keep the spark you created going!

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