This App Made Dating 5x Easier

Dating apps are a huge time suck. You’re either swiping endlessly or sending messages to people who are never going to respond, and all of it is exhausting. We know you want love, but we also know that the dating scene can be overwhelming and frustrating… especially when you’re sending 13 “Hey there!” messages. LuvHutContinue reading “This App Made Dating 5x Easier”

Are Virtual Dates Back?

Finding love has become increasingly difficult – especially during a time when new variants and state restrictions are sounding the alarm once again. With new cases mounting up daily, how will this affect the average single? We’ve created a Singles Breakdown (guide) of what can be expected in the months ahead: 1) Fewer meetups, moreContinue reading “Are Virtual Dates Back?”

Dating 101: First Impressions

Sending the “first message” can be as tricky as making the perfect Instagram caption. We know far too well how awkward and impersonal typical dating apps can be. Whether you’re constantly swiping left on Tinder or waiting for your Bumble match to respond – we believe the conversation relies on both parties; not a 24-hourContinue reading “Dating 101: First Impressions”

Verified Users

LuvHut™  is taking online dating to a whole new level. With our #VerifyOne community, you’ll never have to worry about catfishing! In fact, catfishing has caused more than $304 million in losses – in the past 12 months. Statistically speaking, 1 in every 8 users are indeed a catfish. This Boston-based startup has created an entireContinue reading “Verified Users”

Dating 101: A Guide For Success

Have you ever been on a date and felt like something was missing? You’ve tried traditional dating apps but still haven’t found your perfect match. It’s time to try LuvHut, The Modern Dating App. We’re unique because we focus on building meaningful connections with people who share your values and interests. With our app, youContinue reading “Dating 101: A Guide For Success”