Dating 101: First Impressions

Sending the “first message” can be as tricky as making the perfect Instagram caption.

We know far too well how awkward and impersonal typical dating apps can be. Whether you’re constantly swiping left on Tinder or waiting for your Bumble match to respond – we believe the conversation relies on both parties; not a 24-hour shot clock.

With apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge users are stuck playing the same game. Swiping through a herd of contestants, starting meaningless chats, and ultimately restarting that vicious cycle over again the same week. It’s a modern-day game of: “I hope this works out.”

Our platform is a refreshing change and a sign of hope for every single. LuvHut doesn’t push users into uncomfortable situations nor do they allow fake accounts on their app. To be exact, users undergo a series of verification checks before they can even download the app. On LuvHut, the app generates matches based on your own customized algorithm. What’s great is that these algorithms are put into a queue that generates a compatibility report.

This report is a baseline indicator of how compatible you are with the desired match. Think of it as using our insights to score your next date. And it’s not just one match they do this for – it’s generated for every single user, after any given swipe.LuvHut wants to enable users with every tool they need to succeed.

Our platform is designed to give users the resources they’ve been lacking for more than 7 years. Typical dating apps, on the other hand, have changed very little over their existence. It’s time we eliminate users buying more “super likes, fake roses, or falling down this endless rabbit hole we call love.” Our goal is to deliver a real dating app that builds real experiences around our users.

Sign up for LuvHut, a next-gen dating app that plans to hit iOS and Android this Christmas!

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