This App Made Dating 5x Easier

Dating apps are a huge time suck. You’re either swiping endlessly or sending messages to people who are never going to respond, and all of it is exhausting.

We know you want love, but we also know that the dating scene can be overwhelming and frustrating… especially when you’re sending 13 “Hey there!” messages.

LuvHut is an app inspired to help you find great dates in your area without the frustrating waiting period. We all have that match who swept us off our feet and ended up ghosting the chat 4 days later.

With our app, there’s no need for awkward small-talk before meeting up; we’ve brought dating in real-life, online. Request drinks or grab a yummy steak at one of our curated venues! And if things go well? We hope there’s another date on the way! If not? No sweat—you’ll have more time to focus on other priorities (like working out) before meeting your next lucky match. It really is a win-win.

In other words, we truly care about our users and their well-being. What we don’t care about: super likes, fake roses, and other weird features apps lure individuals on. LuvHut strives to create compatible dates so you can share that laugh, new book, or delicious dessert with. When you choose to love, sign-up with us. We’re here to bring the best out of everyone!

Click the link to join their dating community. You’ll be the first to download the app and share it with all of your friends!

By: Jarvis | LuvHut Blog Manager

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